This Sailing Singer is All About The Piano, Ocean and a Sailboat

Singers love a stage that gives them the energy to boost their performance levels. While some singers love the throngs of crowds, some desire the more quiet and intimate pub to perform their music to people who are active listeners.

On rare occasions, you get to hear about a singer who performs solely for the love of a setting. One such unique singer is Marieke Huysmans Berthou. The beautiful French singer is all about her passion for ocean, sailing and the lingering music of the piano. There is nothing that drives this unique French singer more than the setting that she plays in. One of the biggest dreams that Marieke has had since she was a child was to sail around the world. Today she can sail and sing around the world. Her performances are not just constrained to a boat, but consists of fullfledged audiences who come to watch her perform in concert. Anywhere she feels the calling to reach, the singer sails and visits smalltown communities and takes her music to them personally – a difference from the mainstream of musicians who people have to go to instead. Over the last three years, she has used a 12-meter sailboat as her home and travellers throughout France and the Mediterranean regions performing.

Marieke – For the Love of Culture and People

In July of 2019, she was finally noticed for her unique offering when she docked in Ireland and played a series of open-air concerts for the multitudes who gathered to listen to her music. Marieke started the project titled ‘pianocean’ to use two of the things she loved to take the music to her audiences wherever they are. The small town of Dingle was recently treated to some beautiful music of the piano at a pop-up performance. The singer uses her twitter and Instagram account to document her travels. While her music is not one that is heavily commercialized, the fans that she has garnered are true to her and loyal. Her love for meeting people at every harbor that she docks at has been a great tool in propelling her career forward.

Marieke Huysmans Berthou
Marieke Huysmans Berthou

While many may think that Marieke is a single female who simply travels, they might be surprised to note that the talented singer has in fact managed to build a family who support her through her dreams. A 1 year old son and a doting husband follows her on her expeditions to take music and travel around the world. Her songs are based on the lives of the people she meets and are not mere covers of other peoples music. Her music is often accompanies by popular musicians who join her on her boat or in concert to perform for live audiences. Every place she visits, she picks out her accompanying artists out from the locals who have potential and who are able to enhance the music effectively. She believes that choosing local artists to accompany her on the piano is a very important part of giving back to the people and the cultures that she encounters on her travels. A truly remarkable artist with a unique sense of love for people, indeed.