The Rennes Trans Festival – Winter Music Festival

There are many fantastic music festivals that are hosted in France annually. One of them takes place yearly in the first week of December in the northern region of Brittany, France. This is the Rennes Trans Festival which has been ongoing for the past four decades. Its popularity and long history make it an essential part of Renne’s culture. Aspiring attendees of the Rennes Trans Music Festival could anticipate the experience through one word: discovery. Guests should not expect any top names of the music industry to appear in the Rennes festival.

Discovery in the Rennes Trans Festival

Although the festival is famous, the purpose of the organizers on holding it yearly is to uphold public curiosity and novelty. The objective of the festival is to surprise attendees with unknown musical talents like foreign artists performing in France for the first time, rising young music groups, and some known artists who are working on experimental or original projects. This was the spirit in which the first festival was held which was organized in 1979 by Jean-Louis Brossard. Back then, music festivals were synonymous with a group of friends jamming in the city hall or the city center. At present, the Rennes Trans Festival is open to all musical genres and aspiring musicians. Held in December, the music festival aims to warm the city through the unique music atmosphere it seeks to uphold.

Activities during the Festival in Rennes

Of course, attendees of the wintertime Rennes Trans festival should not miss the list of performances that would be performing the city’s exhibition center. Aside from the center, which serves as the heart of the festival, many other musical groups’ performances could be attended and appreciated in venues that are a walking distance away from the exhibition center. There have been many artists that have marked their performance in the Rennes Trans Festival as a milestone in their life as artists as it launched them into their respective music scenes. Some noteworthy artists that number among these are Nirvana, Portishead, Massive Attack, Daft Punk!, Laurent Garnier, DJ Krish, and St. Germain. While walking around across musical venues, guests and tourists can enjoy the lively atmosphere and the shops that could be found in Rennes. In between concerts, there are many places to dance, relax, or have one’s fill of champagne, oysters, Loire wine, and sausage crepes. 

The Rennes Trans Festival - Winter Music Festival
The Rennes Trans Festival – Winter Music Festival

The Ubu: A Special Festival Venue

The Ubu is one of the venues of the musical performances during the Rennes Trans Music Festival. It could be located close to the city’s train station and beside the National Theatre of Brittany. It has been utilized by the Trans Musicales Association for the festival since 1987. Notable artists that have used the Ubu as their stage include Mr. Scruff, Manu le Malin, Daft Punk, My Bloody Valentine, and Franz Ferdinand. The Ubu is unique not only for the Trans Festival but also for Renner. The venue serves as a springboard in upholding diversity of local culture and dynamism in Rennes. An example of this is the Association’s Crab Cake evenings a the Ubu, an electro-house event, and the Summer Sessions in the summer season for techno fans.