Going the Coachella Way Forward – Jain

Music in the modern era is considered to be an art form. It is a way to express emotions. It is universally understood and is as potent as a masterpiece by a famous artist or magician.

These days, mixes of different cultures and styles of all kinds are coming together to create a masterpiece that no one has ever seen before. One such transnational musician who is helping this happen is French Musician, Jain. As a famous musician in France, Jain has participated in many concerts as well as festivals. One of the most influential events this year includes her appearance at Coachella 2019. During this event, the musician spoke of the influences for her music as well as the inspiration.

Jain (Aka, Jeanner Galice)

Born in France, Jain has lived all around the world. From living in France at a young age to living in the congo for her teenage years, Jain has called a multitude of countries as her home. Though the experiences seem to be constant, they also helped shape her music into the art that it is today.  Jain is widely considered to be an international artist and this is due to the styles of music that she has been exposed to during her life. The music that she experienced ultimately reflects onto the music that she composes and creates today. During an interview with magazine ‘Teen Vogue,’ Jain spoke about how she attempts all types of music styles and tries her level best at ensuring that she incorporates all techniques from different cultures. This represents as a main example of globalization through music.

In 2015, Jain released her first album. However, she began writing and composing songs presumably long before that time. Her first song titled “Come,“ was written when she was sixteen years of age. Upon creating “Come,” she began to share her music over the next few years with some of her friends over the social media platform – ‘My Space.’


The musician’s most significant hit to date is a song titled “Makeba.” “Makeba” is a hit song that has many electronic and afrobeat nuances and features many styles of pop music. The ad in which the Makeba was introduced first was Levi’s “Circles” campaign. Named after South African musician-activitist, Miriam Makeba, this song is an example of the artist’s focus on delivering social justice as well as covering political subjects.

Miriam Makeba
Miriam Makeba

Social Justice

Jain is known for the styles and globalization that she represents in her music. This is reflected in the lyrics she makes, and the music she creates. While interviewing with the magazine,  “Teen Vogue,” Jain spoke of how she incorporates political subjects into her music. She expressed that she writes lyrics and songs that move her emotionally, feeling that there are no rules to making music. An example of social justice in Jain’s work, other than for the hit song “Makeba,” is her latest album, titled “Souldier.” The title track or the first song of her album Souldier was created in the aftermath of the unfortunate shooting incident at Pulse nightclub in Orland, in 2016.