Giving Today’s Young People What They Love – Stromae

Stromae, the singer, rapper, musician, and songwriter from Belgium is among the most loved artists in Europe at the moment. The Belgian is known for his peppy dance beat with some of the most realistic and depressing lyrics. It is the contradiction in his music that makes him so popular among the people. Music lovers are comparing him to Jacques Brel, another Belgian Singer, known for his depressing but realistic subject matter.

Jacques Brel
Jacques Brel

There could never have been a better time for Stromae to hit the music scene. He has managed to cash-in the frustration and desperation of the people with his music. The funny thing about his music is the fact that you could be dancing and weeping at his songs at the same time.

Early life

Stromae or Paul Haver (his birth name) was born on 12th March 1985 in a suburb outside the capital city of Brussels. He was interested in music from his childhood. When Stromae was 11 years old, he began taking proper lessons on drums and music theory. He had to go to a boarding school at the age of 15, where he formed a Rap duo with his friend and rapper J.E.D.I., called Suspicion. The rap duo produced a music video together. During this time, Stromae also worked in hotels and restaurants to earn some money.


Days of struggle

Stromae decided to entirely focus on music as a professional career when he got admission in a film school in Brussels. He studied sound engineering as a subject in the film school. In 2007, he came up with his maiden E.P. that was an instant hit. He also worked with N.R.J. radio station in Brussels as an intern, for some time. With his talent and an impressive profile behind him, Stromae began working with prominent artists like Kerry James and Melissa M, as a music producer.

Big Opportunities

While working with the N.R.J. radio station, Stromae developed a good relation with Vincent Verbelen, music manager at the radio station. This relationship helped Stromae get his first big crack into the world of music. The radio station chose to air his song ‘Alors on danse’ in 2009, which did astonishingly well. It seemed like the people of Europe were waiting for a song like this to express their feelings. It was the time of economic crisis in Europe, and the song roughly said, Life sucks, and we dance. The song reached at the top of the music charts in 19 countries of Europe.

More success

After the unimaginable success of ‘Alors on danse,’ Stromae released his 1st album ‘cheese’ in 2010, which went on to win the best record at the French Grammys. His second album came in 2013, titled ‘Racine carree,’ which turned out to be even more successful than his first one. The album topped several music charts throughout the world and won Stromae the most significant music awards of France. The career graph of Stromae has just gone up and up since then.