Abstract, Colourful and Glowing – The Music by SÔNGE

There are a lot of young and upcoming musical artists to look forward to, especially in France. Many young musicians pride themselves in creating one-of-a-kind music. These genres cannot be easily defined or described under conventional musical styles. SÔNGE, a French-Cameroonian pop musician, is a remarkable example of a fresh, rising artist from the French music scene. SÔNGE hails from the northern region of Brittany. She describes her hometown as one that is rustic and magical. During interviews, she was enthusiastically reminiscing on Brittany’s rivers, the Celtic Sea, and the belief in sorcery and magic in the town.

The musician commented on how Brittany is very different from Paris. She remembered how grandmothers in the northern regions of France told fairy tales and stories about magical creatures that could be found in the woods to their granddaughters. Her hometown and background, and its accompanying mysticism and folklore had a significant impact on SÔNGE and her music. Even her stage name SÔNGE was as fanciful as her magical background, and it translates into “dream” in English. Her love for the unusual translated into her entrance into the music industry. She first had internships at recording companies and helped set up acoustic sets on open mic nights as music venues. Soon, she had started making a mark in the genre of French pop.

Music Making, Insomnia, and Synesthesia

Aside from her colorful history in Brittany, SÔNGE also drew creative inspiration from her time in Amsterdam, Belgium, and Paris. Her experiences in these places forced her to move out of her familiar bubble, learn the workings of the music industry, and embrace the creative spirit she finds every day in the streets. SÔNGE’s songs are unique in the pop music landscape as she aspires her music to be more ambitious and grander in scope. She is well-known for her abstract lyrics and melodies reminiscent of the flickering lights of electronic clubs. Unlike conventional pop songs, SÔNGE takes pride in the unpredictable sequence and erratic structure of her songs. SÔNGE’s songs were known to be written in the dead of the night as she has declared that she has been long-plagued by episodes of insomnia. Despite this, she stated that she would not be hindered by her condition. She said that she sometimes begins songwriting at midnight and finishes in the early morning. The singer also confirmed that she actually likes this arrangement as nighttime can be more calm and relaxing. She added that writing in the night since this gives her songs a quality that allows them to seemingly have their own glow despite the darkness. Various critics have compared her music to other artists and songwriters like Charli XCX and Lorde who also have a neuro condition known as synesthesia. This allows the artists to be able to visualize chords and musical notes in the form of colors and vice versa. SÔNGE was very passionate regarding synesthesia, especially concerning her songwriting. She describes the process similar to creating a painting – where the colors, the lyrics, and the melodies shine through together in swathes of color.